How Do I work with my legal document assistant?

Clients are ultimately responsible for their own case. We do not handle cases in the same way as an attorney would.  If you need legal advice you will need to talk to an attorney.  If you simply need professional help with legal documents and can take personal responsibility for your case, we can help you.

Courts have increased their efforts to have all divorces completed within six months to one year and we do everything we can to help you finalize your case in a timely manner. We rely upon you to respond to any communications from us in a timely manner and to cooperate with us as necessary until your file is closed. It is very important for you to respond to all our communications if you want the process to go smoothly and without delays. We reserve the right to close a file after 6 months of inactivity or silence.

Our contractual obligation as a Registered Legal Document Assistant is officially limited to preparation of your legal documents. As a self-represented individual, all communication  from the court will be directed to you, not to our office. If you receive communication from the court, you should send a copy to us if you have questions about it.